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Or; how to combine filet crochet and intarsia

Nederlandse versie

Both colors in filet crochet
Colors are mentioned as shown on the pictures

The basic
As usual with intarsia. Make a double crochet (in blue), but don't finish it completely. Leave the last two loops on your hook and finish the double crochet with the other color (here: yellow).

Right on top
Don't finish the last yellow dc. Pull the blue yarn - not to tight! - and finish the dc. Make a chainstitch (ch) UNDER the yarn (see a bit further for example). And then a blue dc in the last blue dc of the former row.

One square earlier
Finish the last blue dc with the yellow yarn (2). Don't pull it to tight! Make the ch UNDER the yarn (3). This way the yarn will be on top of the row you are making. Make the dc IN FRONT OF the yarn (4, 5). Then again a ch UNDER the yarn (6). When you make the dc on the last dc of the former row you can put the yarn on the left of the stitch to hide it even more (7).

One square further
Put the blue yarn above the dc of the last row so you can hide it as much as possible when making the yellow dc. Finish the yellow dc with the blue yarn.

Two (or more) squares earlier
Start with the last blue dc and finish it with the yellow yarn. Don't pull the yarn too tight! Make the chainstitches UNDER the yarn (2, 4) and the double crochets IN FRONT OF the yarn (3, 5). Picture 6 shows the back side ("Achterkant").

Two (or more) squares later
Put the blue yarn on top of the last row. With every double crochet fix the blue yarn onto the stitches. When making the first blue double crochet don't pull the yarn too tight!

In this case you can take the blue yarn and fix it onto the last row with the yellow dc. When you need to make a yellow one after this one, also take the yellow yarn. Otherwise you have to take another piece of yarn for every little stitch and work the ends in...

Combination of open and filled squares
Same as above. Finish the last dc with the second yarn. Make a chain stitch and continue with the dcs in the diagram. Finish the last one of these dc's with the first color.
To make clear why you should make the chain stitches under the yarn and the dc in front of it, in the next series of pictures it is NOT done like that and you can see a longer piece of the light brown yarn (3).

If you have a filled part above a filet part put the filled-part-color (here light brown) on top of the last row. Fix the yarn with the dark brown dc's.

From an open to a closed part: make the first chain stitch UNDER the yarn. Then put the yarn on top of the last row and fix it with the dc's. Like with normal intarsia.

Four examples. 18 x 18 squares = 37 stitches and 18 rows.
Same basic pattern
One closed ...
... the other open

The pdf of the galopping horse can be found on Ravelry. Written in Dutch but with a international chart for the horse.
Also on Ravelry, written in Dutch but with a chart for the image mare and foal.

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