dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Poppy shawl

It is May again. The poppies bloom. Time to crochet a Poppy shawl. A pattern that can be adjusted as desired. A large shawl or a simple version for over your shoulders.
The pattern is from two years ago when I had sorted all my cotton leftovers on color and was thinking what to make with the large amount of red shades. Just a little scoop or two balls of the same color. The poppies bloomed and I noticed that they had different shades of red.

Trying out, taking out, starting over again and eventually the big shawl emerged. After I had put a picture of it in a facebook group, people asked me whether I wanted to share it. Since I had never transformed my own notes into a readable pattern (for others...) I asked a few people to join a chat-group for a try-it-out. Bit by bit, the file for the pattern of the poppieshawl was created.

The pattern can be downloaded on Ravelry or Etsy .

And of course you can make it in other colors as well.

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