vrijdag 21 september 2018

Card weaving

Short time before the summer I accidently discoverd card (or tablet) weaving. So I tried. Watched some videos. Read on websites. Tried some more. The biggest struggle was to warp the S & Z correctly. The second was turning the cards in two directions. Certainly with wool! So I choose to flip the cards and 'translated' diagrams with F&B directions to diagrams where you can easily see wich card you have to flip + the direction of the cards on every turn.

On my cards I taped a piece of red paper between A-B and green paper between D-C. The red and green lines in the diagrams show where you have to flip some of the cards (a little triangle).

For the warping I keep ABCD on the right side, no matter if it is S or Z. Instead of using these letters where to warp I use the position. It is marked in Dutch and means Up (B), Down (O), Front (V) and Back (A).

The loom has a whole bunch of nails so it is easy to put each group of 4 threads on their right place. After the warping it is just a matter of putting all the cards with ABCD to the right and 'voilĂ ' it's done.

Ram's horn

The first diagram is shown on the picture with the felted cords. Second one is the original Ram's horn and a test diagram. The third one was my son's suggestion: "it looks like waves, if you use dark blue for the air and some stars in it...". In four of the dark blue cards is a white thread wich I flipt and turned unequally to create an irregular pattern of stars.


This image can be found on the internet with the numbers of the cards you have to turn F & B. I translated it into a flip-diagram and to make it easier I warped some of the cards 'upside down'. So every two turns you have some red cards up - these are the ones to flip (except the edges).


Cords on the left picture beneath this phrase are made of wool from an attick. There where a lot of weak spots so I threw them in the washing machine to get them more or less felted. And yes, it worked!
2d and 3d picture is a cord made of cotton to try out some of the diagrams.


Loom and warping

On the third picture the cards are placed in S or Z position. Attached to knitting needles. It does work somewhat, but since the needles are not flexibel it was a bit difficult to pull the threads. Should try something more flexibel.