donderdag 29 augustus 2019

Carreaux Crochet - Double Layer Patch

Many years ago I saw a double-layered potholder, made of two patches locked together with a sort of embroidery. Since then I was wondering if there was another way to make a double layered potholder without having to weave in too much ends of yarn. A possible solution came in a dream. I woke up, thought it was not gonna work, but took my crochet to try and managed.

After making about 20 try-outs with different sorts of yarn I found a family member willing to try it out. So I collected my notes and made 4 documents with small test patches in Dutch (my mother language): One for the basic explanation and 3 for variations.
While doing the basic explanation her reaction was; “once you get the hang of it, after about 3 rows, it goes very quick and if gives a nice patch”. After the fourth her reaction was; “still great to do, but this one is more like a 4 star sudoku”.

The pattern with the four tests - and some additional charts - is available in both Dutch and English on Ravelry.

Nederlandse Blog

Both sides of three potholders made with cotton in fantasy patterns. Both sides of a potholder made with cotton to try out diagonal lines. Both sides of the four test patches.
The name “Carreaux” is chosen since I wanted an “X” in the name, because of the little crosses in some my first try-outs, but I couldn’t find a word in Dutch or English. It means ‘tiles’ in French and actualy the French floor tiles were an inspiration for later designs.