zaterdag 10 juli 2021

This Way


To explain how you can read a CRX* chart in different ways I made these four examples.

Basic colors for a CRX patch are A and B, they alternate sides and if you work with only two colors you get the same effect as double knitting.

The third color C stays on the same place.

1. C = lines of the signpole
2. Just two colors
3. C = the air
4. C = interior of the signpole

The basic design as it was used for the first patch with only color A and B. You alternate sides - front and back - whenever there is a blanc square followed by an X and vice versa.
C = lines of the signpole = X's

C = the air = blanc squares

C = interior of the signpole = yellow squares
Curious to try this out after you have got the hang of Carreaux Crochet
Reading a CRX chart works This Way


*CRX = Carreaux Crochet