dinsdag 25 augustus 2020

Funny Faces

Someone in a Facebook group for tablet weaving had a struggle with the Ram's horn and it looked liked funny face. So I wanted to try to do this on purpose and the result is this picture on the left.
Short explanation:

First of all I tried to trace back to the warping. Also for the person to see what went wrong. Then with that information I designed my warp schedule on such a way that when red/yellow is up I have to flip/twist the red cards in the other direction. One could also use forward/backward.
To change the direction of the funny faces the less disturbing is to change when blue/green is up (= red/yellow is under). Then again turn direction when red/yellow is up. That is: only the red cards!
Difference between working with two weft threads and only one.

woensdag 25 maart 2020

Carreaux crochet short clip

Finaly there is a short clip of the basis technic of Carreaux Crochet.

The complete PDF file with four test patches is available on Ravelry

Check 'projects' for nice ideas of testers and do not hesitate to share your own variations when you're done!

Have fun,

P.S. till the 15th of april 2020 you can download this pattern - or one of my other patterns - for free with the code 'Cum non tum age'. For personal use only!